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Interested in becoming a member and want to know if you can benefit from our fund raising program?
Below are some simply questions to help you know if you can become a member. 

- Do you do grocery shopping on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis?
- Do you put gas in your car weekly, bi-weekly or monthly?
- Do you go out to eat and/or shop for clothes?

If you answered "Yes" to any and all of the above mentioned questions, then you can benefit from our fund raising program. Let E.C.S.U be your guide to raising funds to support yourself or your family. 


East Coast Sports United have formed partnership with hundreds of corporate sponsors, all of which have agreed to give a percentage of your purchases back towards you. This percentage can then be used for any/all of the following reasons: (1) Subsidize any personal sports/athletic fees (2) Church or other organization fund raising (3) Personal savings. 

Here are two examples of how it would work.

Anthony is the father of two girls and both play soccer for "Girls Soccer Club United." 
Anthony spends $800 a month on groceries at Giants. Giants will then give 4% back (which is $32). That money is sent directly to his daughters soccer club and credited to their fees.  If their monthly payment for that month was $100 dollars you now only owe $68 for that month.  

Anthony already covered all soccer fees for both his daughters but still Shops at Giants. Giants will still give 4% back every time he shops. Anthony has (2) options: (1) Let the club put the returns towards the following year fees and/or other program fees. (2) Ask the club to write him a personal check.

Register today and become a member to benefit from this opportunity.

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